Custom Cabinetry Fit For A King

Transforming spaces with bespoke cabinetry craftsmanship

Custom Cabinetry by Kidson Kraft: Transform Your Space with Quality and Care

Do you want to upgrade your space with cabinetry that is more than just storage? Do you want to express your style and personality with cabinetry that is tailored to your preferences? Do you want to make the most of your space with cabinetry that is optimised for your layout?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need custom cabinetry by Kidson Kraft. We are the experts in custom cabinetry design and installation. We are passionate about making your dreams come true, not just making cabinets. We create beautiful and functional spaces that reflect your personality and lifestyle, whether you need a new kitchen, a cosy bedroom, a stylish office, or a stunning entertainment area.

Beyond Contractors

The Best Craftsmanship and Care for Your Space

If you are looking for custom cabinetry, you need more than just good design and workmanship. You need guardians of your space. We deliver the highest quality craftsmanship with meticulous planning and execution that protect your premises from damage and mess. We care about your space, your safety and your satisfaction as much as we care about our craft. Find out how we can transform your space with creativity and care.

Bespoke Cabinets

Tailored Cabinetry Carefully Crafted For You

Perfect precision from design to installation

Unparalleled Craftsmanship

Exquisite Handmade Cabinetry

So much more than pretty cupboards

There are no hidden empty cavities in our designs – every centimetre of space is optimised to work for you
Manufactured using only top-of-the-range timber from reputable suppliers
Top-quality hardware is a given – no cheap drawer runner or hinges in our workshop
Assembling cabinetry using gold-standard methods, tools, techniques and materials
Meticulous attention to detail so drawers slide smoothly and doors are perfectly aligned
Breathtaking Spaces

Bespoke Cabinetry Design You’ll Love Forever

Creating distinctive and practical furniture installations that capture the imagination

Built-in Cabinetry Made Only For You

Creating distinctive and practical furniture installations that capture the imagination

Innovative Layouts

Reflecting Your Personality and Lifestyle

Custom Cabinetry Transforms Your Space with Style, Function and Art

Creativity to design and build anything you can imagine, no matter the size or complexity of your project
A uniqueness that sets your cabinetry apart from standard or semi-custom options
Collaboration with you throughout the design process, listening to your feedback and suggestions and making adjustments as needed
Customisation of every aspect of your cabinetry, from materials, finishes, and hardware, to match your style and preferences
Cabinetry Solutions

The Smart Investment for Your Property

Providing tailored solutions for every room and space

Sophisticated Solutions

Transforming spaces with a touch of elegance and practicality.

Optimised Storage

Ample space solutions for organised living and working areas.

Distinctive Design

Crafting unique furniture installations designed to delight you.

Value-adding Elegance

Custom-designed cabinets that add value to your property.

Functional Appeal

Blending functionality seamlessly with aesthetic charm.

Professional Craftsmanship

Exquisitely handcrafted cabinetry designed to elevate any space.

Dedicated Client Focus

Empowering You to Realise Your Vision

Guiding clients through the project with expert advice and attentive service

More Than Custom Cabinetry

Integrated Solutions for You

We are more than just custom cabinet makers. We are your partners in transforming your space with style, function and art. We help you choose the best fixtures, fittings, wall and floor solutions and interior decor options that complement and enhance your cabinetry. We create a harmonious and cohesive look that elevates your space and reflects your personality. Whether you need a new kitchen, a cosy bedroom, a stylish office, or a stunning entertainment area, we have the expertise, creativity and care to make it happen.

 Complete Project Management

Saves You Time, Money and Stress

 Don’t settle for off-the-shelf cabinetry because you think it’s too much hassle and stress to upgrade your space. Let us handle everything for you, from design to installation. We manage architects, electricians, plumbers, and builders, ensuring a smooth and seamless process from vision to reality. Whether you need a modern bathroom, a spacious walk-in wardrobe, a creative studio, or a stylish living room, we will make it happen. Contact us today and discover how we can transform your space with custom cabinetry and project management.

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